(giảm mạnh) bộ sản phẩm khuyên tai thời trang cho nữ rẻ nhất

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310,200 đ

Giá gốc: 310,200 đ

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Tới nơi bán

Giới thiệu (giảm mạnh) bộ sản phẩm khuyên tai thời trang cho nữ

Material quality : Alloy / Silver plating / Gold plated
Patterns : Butterfly / Dragon Means / Insects
Style : Japan and Korea
Achievement : New

Applicable gender : Women
Novelty : Fresh furnace
Colour Classification : 933 Butterfly Bend Insert Needle Silver 934 Butterm Bend Needles Golden
Spot : Spot stock
Listing Time : Autumn 2018
Good number : a591
Inlaid material : Alloy inlaid with artificial gems / Semi precious stones

Type of distribution channel : Exclusive cat ( Only on sale in the goddamn cat )

Buy more discounts [ This commodity participates ] Duration of activities : 2018-07-14 23 : 05 : 29 - 2019-01-12 00 : 00 : 00
One single order full , Cumulative ! Post ( Unbound area ) : Overseas Tibet Xinjiang Inner Mongolia , Hong Kong and Macao , Taiwan )
Technical support : Promotion Magic Buyer Subscription
Information before
Store support 7 11 Cash on delivery , Black cats need to be paid first by the bank card network .
All the goods in this store are inspected before they are sent out . But occasionally there are careless times , If you receive clothes by mistake , you send them less 、 Quality issues , etc . , We 'd like to inform you at the first time , This store is very responsible oh !
All vendors are available on demand , Please don 't cancel the order at will after you have subscribed .
If there is a problem after the goods are collected , Under shipment 、 Slow logistics 、 defects , We can be contacted at any time to assist in processing , Thank you .
Notes for Buyer 's Exchange
The vendor has perfect after sale service , If any issues are addressed positively , Your interests will be protected to the greatest extent possible .
If a commodity is received for exchange , Please contact us within 2 days after the supermarket collects the goods . and mail it back within 5 days of the date of collection of the supermarket 's pieces , Overdue will not be admissible .
Satisfaction with our goods and services , Looking forward to your giving it to the five stars There 's something unsatisfactory to ask you to contact us on the conversation . Always serve you online , Please do not comment casually without communication . The negative review will be synchronized , Equivalent to abandoning after sale service and unable to purchase and block handling .
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