quần jeans rách thời trang cho nam và nữ rẻ nhất

    Sản phẩm đang được bán tại , nên thời gian nhận hàng phụ thuộc vào địa chỉ nhận hàng của bạn. Mặc khác, shop bán quần jeans rách thời trang cho nam và nữ chưa được chứng thực bởi Shopee nên bạn cân nhắc qua điểm đánh giá, số sản phẩm đang bán, mức độ theo dõi và độ phản hồi trước khi khi đặt hàng

295,300 đ

Giá gốc: 295,300 đ

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Tới nơi bán

Giới thiệu quần jeans rách thời trang cho nam và nữ

Small Size Selection Tip : Because each person has a different size , Even the same height 、 Weight and size also differ in appearance , Therefore , before you choose to purchase the same clothing you normally wear , Refer to the size table , That 's the best way .

The full spot , After the subscription , The shipment will be arranged as soon as possible . Please be assured of buying it ! ! ! This store is in stock + Advance purchase mode , The average time of arrival is 7 10 days , If holidays are delayed , Please take a sharp slap on the bill ! The shipment is ordered in order . Priority will be given to bank transfers to credit cards 、 Commodities of praise + Attention to shop buyers ' deliveries , Please excuse me ! There are new products in this shop every day . Buyers can pay attention to oh !

Warm tips :

1 . Once the goods are sent out , Can 't replace halfway ! Trousers do not open buttonholes , Cut it open with scissors Please know !

The buyer of delivery payment , please be sure to get the goods . Our small business , Waterworks if they don 't get the goods , The goods cannot be returned to us . Please forgive me for your consideration .

Because the shipping point of our store is on the mainland , It 's impossible to have face to face sex !

Waterworks if they think our goods are good Please give us five stars to praise ! Your support is our greatest motivation . But water feels bad , Please contact us , Give us a chance to compensate , Don 't make any bad comments about it . We 'll be sad !

Thank you for all the water that came to our store !
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